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"Amore" Love Therapeutic Cap

head therapy cap

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The Amore Love Therapeutic Cap is designed to condition and treat hair in the comfort of your own home. Its unique blend of flaxseeds provides a weight and heat that helps to create a feeling of relaxation while treating your hair. Crafted from soft, microfiber cotton for comfort and wearability, the cap is specifically stitched to keep the flaxseeds and heat distributed evenly. Other therapeutic benefits of the cap vary from person to person but may include the relief of headaches and relaxation of anxious feelings. The weight and heat of the cap may also help to promote restful sleep and reduce tension in an unrestful body.


How To Use

When heating for the first time, set the microwave to low heat and adjust to medium heat if required. (try not to use high heat)
Place cap hole side up to heat.
Do not heat longer than 2 minutes.
Do not immerse in water or get wet.
Do not put directly onto wet hair (shower cap first)

Hair treatment instructions: (heat)
Shampoo and towel dry hair. Appy desired treatment to hair and place shower cap (provided) over wet hair. Place heated cap over the top and leave for 10mins.
Once finished take both caps off and rinse hair treatment and style as desire.

Cold therapy method.
Place cap in freezer for 1 hour prior to using.
Place shower cap on head first, than cap.


Soft microfiber Cotton

Customer Reviews

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Helen Jones
Benefits plus

The amazing Amore Therapeutic Cap provides a calm relief to daily life. I use this cap daily to clear brain fog and stress. It also provides a lasting calmness and grounds you when you are heightened. I have had several NDIS participants who purchased this due to their disabilities and they all believe it has assisted them in reducing their heightened states from escalating. Even a friend purchased 2 caps for the benefit of relieving migraines as the cap can be heated or cooled with your needs. Until you try this amazing cap of love, you have no idea of the benefits. I strongly recommend that you book in for an Amore Therapeutic Cap treatment before you purchase as you will not belief the relief this gives you from the stresses of daily life.

Thank you so much for your beautiful reveiw.

Incredibly soothing

This is an incredibly soothing experience. You don’t even need to use it with a hair mask to get the therapeutic effects!

Warm it up and pop it on your head for the deep pressure benefits. As an Occupational Therapist specialised in sensory processing, this makes sense on a scientific level. Deep pressure calms our nervous system, why not include it as part of our hair routine?

I can only imagine how incredible this would feel in the salon after sitting for hours in foils.

And when you’re not using it for your hair/head, you can use it as a calming technique on your lap or chest.

Alice Burke for the win!

Wow is all i have to say

When I first used this cap, I thought it would just be giving my hair a bit of love by doing a treatment, a little extra love. But little did I know how calming this cap would be for my whole body. The combination of the heat and the weight of the flaxseeds was like nothing else.
Not only had this helped my hair but help calm my tense body. I also had the best night sleep that night. I don't know if it was the cap or I slept well but it was a good night sleep.